Isolated protein of good solubility for acid and neutral pH beverages applications. Provita S dispersion, stability and taste characteristics makes it an ideal option to add to a wide range of beverages: juices, sports drinks, analogues of milk, yoghurt, vegetable milks and others.

Isolated protein with high water absorption, gelling properties and neutral taste. These properties result in a versatile product that is used to increase protein levels or replace proteins of animal origin in applications such as meat, bakery, snacks, cereals, among others. Like all products of the Provita line, it has an excellent amino acid profile and high digestibility.

Protein designed to replace egg, mainly in bakery applications. Contains the same nutrimental chemical composition of the egg without cholesterol. Provita HE confers advantages such as increased yield, increased shelf life and greater softness in the bread. Being a product 100% vegetable sourced, it significantly reduces health risks such as the presence of salmonella, listeria among others.

Protein designed to substitute egg whites or egg albumen, especially in bakery. Contains an excellent foaming capacity or gas retention generated during whipping. Being a 100% vegetable sourced product, it significantly reduces health risks such as the presence of salmonella, listeria among others.

A concentrate with approximately 65% of protein, with numerous applications for the production of enriched foods as tortillas, snacks, breakfast cereals, bakery goods, etc. Great functionality for injected meat products.

Textured protein with high fat and water absorption capacity designed for the elaboration of fresh and cured meat products. Can substitute ingredients of animal origin in application such as: canned tuna, hamburger meat and others. In combination with other ingredients its can be utilized to develop meat analogues.


An insoluble and soluble dietary fiber of high nutritional value. Contains protein and a package of nutraceutical photochemicals for the development of new healthy food products ProBalance has a better nutrimental chemical value than wheat bran and other fiber supplements in the market, especially in terms of protein input and antioxidant compounds, which prevent oxidative stress and chronic degenerative diseases.


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